Important update - Face to Face consultations now available for all cases

Are you in need of a Chiropractic or Physiotherapy Appointment?

We're excited that on Monday 15th June we are able to move to our next phase or re-opening!


At this stage we are following guidelines to make risk-assessed Face to Face consultations available for all cases including routine/maintenance patients.

Virtual consults will continue to be available and considered whenever appropriate.


We continue thorough Risk Assessments and strict protocols for the safety of patients and staff.

Just some of the measures we've put in place to ensure a safe environment are:

  • Modified advice for entering and leaving the building when attending an appointment.
  • Secondary waiting area to aid social distancing.
  • Additional PPE availability for staff.
  • Removal of items that may harbour infectious particles from treatment rooms and reception.
  • Staff training in steralisation, clean down and donning and doffing PPE.


At this stage we are only able to offer Chiropractic and Physiotherapy appointments, we hope that Massage Therapy will be possible in the near future.

We understand the injuries and pain will continue to present themselves, some even more likely with the work and lifestyle changes imposed. We are here to help so contact us for any advice needed in the event of the onset of acute musculoskeletal pain to ease the burden on GPs and most importantly A&E.

Please continue to follow the previous policy on cancelling appointments should you experience COVID-19 symptoms, refer to the NHS website for updates.

For more information please email or call us on 02030054862.