Important update regarding COVID-19 Coronavirus

How can we help right now?

We have decided that now is a crucial time to support the recommendations for social distancing and temporarily close the doors here at Greenwich Chiropractic and Physiotherapy clinic to face to face appointments. We are committed to the health and well-being of our patients and the wider community and this is a decision that has not come easily weighing up the clinical risk-benefit.

What we can offer:

Online consultations for new and existing clients either through the Zoom app or telephone with video exercise programs and a full verbal screening program used in a face-to-face appointments. Some of our professionals have been delivering online consultations for over 4 years & are highly trained to screen & give a diagnosis to guide treatment remotely.

These consultations will include:

  • Full history taking just like a usual face to face consultation which in most cases gives us the majority of the information we need to form a clinical impression and diagnosis.
  • Guiding you through physical examination tests which help to confirm diagnosis.
  • Explanation of your diagnosis, the likely causes and what self management strategies you can employ to improve the condition.
  • Prescription of exercises through an online program we use which is highly interactive and can be monitored and progressed as needed.
  • An opportunity to see via video your home workstation and equipment to advise you on optimum utilisation and practical adaptations.

To make a booking for an online or telephone appointment follow this link and choose 'Remote Consultations'. 


How does this help our NHS?

Social distancing can help prevent the spread of COVID-19, protecting the elderly and vulnerable populations.

We understand the aches and pain will continue to present themselves as they do in every day life. We are here to help remotely please utilise our services or call us for any advice needed in the event of the onset of acute musculoskeletal pain to ease the burden on GPs and most importantly A&E.


What if I have an appointment already booked?

We will see patients already booked up until Wednesday 25th March as scheduled in order to progress those in current treatment and update your self management and rehabilitation.

Patients who are booked for the 2 weeks beyond this date will be contacted directly to be offered an appointment on Monday 23rd or Tuesday 24th, an online appointment at the time and date currently scheduled or to delay the appointment for 2 weeks later when we hopefully have more information.

Rest assured we are continuing to follow the strictest sterilising and infection control measures. Please continue to follow the previous policy on cancelling appointments should you experience COVID-19 symptoms, refer to the NHS website for updates -  visit NHS COVID-19 Coronavirus advice page here


If you have any questions please email us at or call us on 02030054862.