Dr Chris Julian
Dr Chris Julian Doctor of Chiropractic

Chris was born and raised in Sydney and via his sporting and outdoor lifestyle he took an early interest in becoming a health professional. He completed his training at Macquarie University, Australia in 2003 and then worked in Queenstown, New Zealand - the adventure capital of the world! As a Chiropractor, Chris has been lucky enough to work internationally as Medical Officer and Chiropractor for the New Zealand Men’s Ice Hockey team, the Ice Blacks as well as being involved with other international teams and athletes. His research in the field has been published in peer reviewed journals.

Although sport has always been his passion, Chris has also gained considerable experience in a corporate setting and ergonomics during his time working in Canary Wharf both in private practice and providing in house services to Citi Group Bupa Health Centre. His well rounded experience puts him in a good position to help people from all walks of life from age 1 to 100 reach their full health potential by providing the highest quality, evidence based care

Dr Charlie McMaster Doctor of Chiropractic

Charles graduated from the University of Surrey with a Masters in Chiropractic and has been in practice for ten years. During that time he has gained a great deal of experience treating spinal and peripheral joint conditions. He has also treated people with rarer conditions.

Charles has done post graduate training in the advanced techniques Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT) and Activator Technique, which provide a gentler approach for treating musculoskeletal imbalances and can be used to ‘fine tune’ the body and keep the nervous system healthy.

Charles is interested in health in general and, being a keen cook, particularly likes to eat a healthy, balanced diet. He also likes to see a chiropractor regularly to get his own back treated. He is interested in current affairs & photography and likes to golf and ski.

Dr Joe Marcantoni Doctor of Chiropractic

Joe has had a passion for sports and an active lifestyle throughout his life, and graduated with Masters from the renowned Anglo European Chiropractic College before making the move up to London. His active and sporty influence leads him helping people focus on what they can do to recover actively from injury and improve their health and wellbeing, rather than be reliant on purely treatment or medication to control symptoms.

His philosophy is simple - the body needs to move well - to do so people need to look after it and at times can use some help! With spinal manipulation, muscle work and rehabilitation Joe helps patients not only to get out of pain but to gain movement and improve overall health giving patients the tools to maintain them for the rest of their life.

Too old? Too young? Age doesn't matter, Joe will adopt different techniques according to your specific presentation and age in order to make you feel better.

Claire Francis Massage Therapist

Claire is a Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. She has a BTEC Level 5 Professional Sports Massage and Remedial Therapy Diploma from the North London School of Sports Massage.

She has provided treatment to a range of clients from various sporting backgrounds, including athletics, football, kickboxing, hockey, triathlon and power-lifting. She uses a variety of soft tissue techniques, including myofascial release, to aid rehabilitation following injury or to help the individual move and feel able to take part in their day-to-day activities and sports, whatever level of participation.

She provides advice on how to maintain range of motion, strengthen weak muscles, and stretch problem areas.

David Piddington Sports Massage Therapist

BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Science, Dip LSSM M.I.S.R.M

David is a lecturer in sports massage, sports and exercise sciences, and personal training.

Since completing his degree in Sports and Exercise Sciences in 2001 at London South Bank University David moved on to specialise in sports massage. With his experience he applies a variety of relaxation techniques and self-help strategies for use in and outside the clinic/sporting environment to further progress and assist his clients toward their desired goals.

Using his unique approach to massage David treats a wide spectrum of clients ranging from fellow therapists to recreational and elite athletes as well as office workers. This helps enhance their physical and mental well-being and in turn their sport and exercise performance, everyday enjoyment and functionality.

Okey Eze Sports Massage Therapist

Okey has a great knowledge of anatomy and sports physiology having attained a Sports Science degree. Okey has then completed his Level 5 BTEC Sports Massage & Remedial Therapy Diploma at the prestigious North London School of Sports Massage as his interest was in helping people with manual therapy and exercise rehabilitation.

Having obtained the highest qualification within his field, Okey is dedicated to providing structured treatments and recovery plans for each individual person by tailoring short term relief to fit their lifestyle, whilst simultaneously being committed to the long term health and recovery. Okey uses different advanced techniques to address acute, sub-acute and chronic stages of injury & rehabilitation where his passion lies, ensuring clients return to full functionality within the shortest period of time. Okey is also a Soft tissue specialist at a professional rugby club where he treats a wide range of sports injuries. Okey believes in maintaining a healthy body and mind through a balanced lifestyle.